Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Airport/Airplane/Landing Craziness!!!!

Alright...so right after I left yall with the blog on Friday morning, my parents, brother, and I made the journey to DFW International Airport...we get there...the flight was cancelled!! So you know, I am all trying to remain calm in the process of Mr. Smith trying to get us another flight out that day. All of the students and their rides stood outside of the airport waiting...hoping that we could go on this trip and get out of the US that same day. Finally we got a flight out...that day...and it was straight shot from DFW to Madrid, Spain. The flight was delayed about 13 more times until at 6:45 we were departing! Now this aircraft that we flew 9 hours in was not an Airbus, which means the seats were tiny as hellz, and then there was this little old lady that was sitting behind me bitching that this was the worst overseas flight she had ever been on! (I mean I have nothing to compare to, therefore, Í can´t say anything.) THEN some of our guys were in the back talking to this pilgrim about how you talk to the locals! Really!! Shut up so I can get my beauty rest! BUT finally, we landed in Barajas Airport, in Madrid, Spain and it was all worth it! The airport is soooooo beautiful and so modern looking! We get off the plane, and get our passports stamped and such and everybody knows that the suckiest part of going on an international trip is going through customs...hahaha...picture it Sicily 1927....I am just kidding i am not a golden girl!! But seriously, picture it, the security dudes that are supposed to be in charge of customs are texting on their cell phones and told us to just go on through!!! WTF!!!! How do they know that we don´t have contraband!!! hahahaha!! Then, we walk outside and the little Spaniard that was driving our bus was standing there with a sign that said Tarleton State University...then after over 9 hours of flying....the 4.5 hours of riding in a bus began.........

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