Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riding from Pamplona to Madrid/Meeting Family

Alright...so we are riding in the bus...the view is beautiful by the way and it is sooo wierd because you can drive a couple miles and it will be sandy, then drive a couple more miles and it is beautiful with trees and hills and mountains! We get to the half way marker...a convenience store that sells cooked food within it...and by looking at that menu the first time...i knew...i wasn´t going to like any of the food...tooo much nasty fish and way too damn much ham! We finally get into Pamplona and it is absolutely beautiful!!! On parts of the way to Pamplona, there were old Italian-looking cottages that were up really close to the road...don´t worry i got pictures...but i won´t be able to share them until we get back! We pull into the school and all of the ¨moms¨ are standing there waiting for us...my roommate and I get out and meet our host mother! hahaha!! i was honestly a little bit wierded out because she did the New York Housewives double kiss on the cheek! hahaha!! Gotta love Europe...but anywayz shes wayy short, little, short blonde hair and ofcourse a good complection...she is around the age of like 50 or so. Her name is Ana and she is very very sweet. Our room is little bitty, but we are never there anywayz...but the bedding is all bright colored stripes and such. And there is just a bottom sheet on the bed...i don´t know if that is normal or my roommate and I just got jipped lol! No, but its fine lol! And our first meal was some olive oil fried fish stuff...that i really don´t like lol! But it is all part of the culture right!?


  1. Girl embrace the culture with every ounce of your being....that is part of the experience!!! The more you embrace it; the more you will love it! Think of you every day!!!!!

  2. It is all part of the culture!!! I am so envious that you are able to travel and disregard the "Comanche Ethnocentrism" I cannot wait to hear more of your adventures!! Much love