Friday, May 20, 2011

What will I be doing?

I am very excited/nervous about this whole ordeal, but I feel very blessed and lucky that I get to participate in a study abroad program in Spain. This is a chance of a lifetime! Anyways, the plane leaves DFW on May 20, 2011 at 1:40 P.M., we have a layover in Chicago and will then travel from Chicago to Madrid, then when we arrive in Madrid, we will travel by bus (without chickens and pigs) to Pamplona, Spain, where we will go to the college, live with our families, as well as sight see. Our daily schedule starts out every morning with lessons that are provided by the institution...these lessons will last from 9-1:15 (Spain time). Spain is 7 hours ahead of central time (I believe). Then usually we will participate in excursions provided by the institution, then finally at the end of the day we will eat dinner with our gracious famiiles, go to bed, and begin it all over again for 5 whole weeks! As I said before, it is a very exciting time, but very scary, all at the same time. Throughout my trip, I plan on blogging (hopefully everyday) to let my friends and family know what exactly I am doing.


  1. Remember that you have an extremely unique and beautiful voice....I want to see all that color in your blogs! I'm so proud of you for writing!

  2. Rumor has it your on the ground and probably by now in Pamplona with your host family ... Have the time of your life!! Post lots of pictures and let us all live vicariously through you for a while ;-)

  3. HEY, SWEETIE!!!!!!!!! thinking of you!!!!:):)